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Tangra Asian Fusion Cuisine

Just as there aren't a whole lot of Chinese-American restaurants in Calcutta, there isn't exactly a glut of Chinese-Indian joints in New York. There is however, Tangra Masala, the Elmhurst based granddaddy of New York Chinese-Indian restaurants, and a popular destination for the particular brand of Chinese food adapted to the Indian palate by generations of ethnic-Chinese Indians. Since fans travel from Manhattan and farther to squeeze into the little storefront, Tangra has branched out with an ornate 120-seat banquet hall and dining for 250 at Sunnyside. Chef-partner Peter Lo and team has supplemented the menu's signatures, like deep-fried "lolly pop" chicken, "chilli fish" and "Manchurian Fried Rice", with new additions, some of them (Masala Fries, Chicken Stick) even inspired by the American Diet.

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Mon - Sun: 12 - 10:30 PM